and Thibodeaux


Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are central characters in much South Louisiana humor.  While the subject matter is perhaps universal, the characters give it a unique flavor.  It could only happen in the South of Louisiana.


Southern Thoughts lays no claim to the stories presented below, we only heard them and are passing them along for your enjoyment.


Please take note.  Boudreaux and Thibodeaux are also the family names of two large families in Louisiana.  The antics of the two lovable characters in no way reflects on members of these fine families.


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Excerpt from "The Halfway Bar"

 in the 

Lunch Novels Section

Paul was definitely nervous, just short of scared, and wondering why he was out in this green steamy hell. Then his gaze shifted to Julie walking ahead. Each ankle high brown boot was carefully placed with each step. The short gray socks rolled down onto the tops of the boots were wet with sweat but held their shape perfectly. Protruding from the rolls her slim pale legs literally glistened with sweat and insect repellent. Her tight upper thighs disappeared into close fitting khaki shorts now wet. Inside the shorts her buttocks, first one then the other, would grow round then fall slack as she walked. The khaki shirt, so crisp in the early morning, was limp and wet clinging to her back. Her bra straps showed in relief. Through the hole in the back of her baseball cap struck a 6 inch ponytail. Paul remembered why he had come, what he was supposed to be doing took a bit longer.

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